About Us

ICF San Antonio is a community organization committed to driving change by unlocking human potential. As a leading voice in the coaching industry, we strive to connect and educate coaches so that they can do what they do best: change the world.


ICF San Antonio exists to drive change and unlock human potential.  We help individuals, families, and organizations experience lasting change.


ICF San Antonio is a leading voice in the coaching industry, connecting and equipping coaches in the greater San Antonio area.


People First

People are the most important asset. Change begins with you and flows out of your values and distinctiveness.


The world is filled with good. We see opportunities, resources, and kindness all around us.


We show up as authentic, vulnerable, and real. By operating with radical openness, we invite others to be real with themselves.



When you give freely, others do too. 


The journey begins with a question. Approaching life with curiosity opens new pathways of discovery and growth.
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